I DO love me a garage sale and there are plenty in the mountains to indulge in.  Many years ago when I lived in the UK, I would spend Saturdays attending at car boot sales.  A wonderful shopping mecca where tons of people gather in a large field and sell all kinds of stuff out of their cars.  I was a tad bereft when I couldn’t find anything similar happening on a regular basis when I came back to Australia until I stumbled upon a local garage sale.  I was delighted.  Heaps of what at first appears to be junk but which can often turn out to be a fabulous find.

Every week the local newspaper advertises garage sales and I set about dragging two protesting children around to as many as I fancy.  Both kids inevitably pipe down when they find something for themselves which then allows me to really have a thorough search.  Even better, I’ve found a friend here in the mountains who loves garage sales as much as I do and we invariably cross paths on a Saturday, each of us able to tell the other where to find the good stuff.

About 6 years ago I got this Royal Albert set for a fiver.  I recently found it selling on the internet for $250 for the set.  Not a bad profit!  I have no intention of selling it but I feel like a got a bargain and that’s what really counts.

Pottering around a couple of weeks ago I came across this silver tea set.  It isn’t real silver of course but I thought it was pretty.

And then on Saturday, the people across the road were having a sale.  I found a large sideboard/display hutch that I kind of fancied but at $40 I felt it was overpriced.  My garage sale philosophy is $10 and under!  Some may call me tight, I prefer the term thrifty.  I decided to leave it and went home.  At about 2pm I got a knock on the door and it was the neighbour saying she didn’t sell the sideboard and I could have it free of charge if I wanted!  They even carried it across the road for me!

I know it’s deeply unattractive right now but once I paint it antique white and change the knobs it will be just right.  For the brilliant price of absolutely nothing, including delivery this is my best bargain so far!

Watch this space for the re-vamped version of my latest buy.