SINCE MOVING to the mountains I am embracing all manner of new adventures.  Which means that even though, as I’ve said before, I am not a gardener, I am determined to have my own veggie patch.

Today Ms 10 and I set about to make it happen.  Ms 13, too cool for school, decided on briefly watching from the sidelines before retiring inside with a book, so it was just two of us toiling away in the back yard.  I am lucky enough to have a very large backyard, however, it is quite uneven and there are large trees everywhere so choosing an appropriate spot took a bit of deliberation.  We ended up choosing a sunny spot up against the neighbour’s fence.  We dug for what seemed like hours (approximately 20 minutes) and were making no headway.  We were trying to stake out the edges of the garden bed, but kept hitting rocks.  At this point, our neighbour came strolling over to inform me that I was digging directly above a concrete manhole approximately 2 feet down and I had better move my plot.  Much disappointment and sighing from me, but we moved over a few feet and began in earnest.  It was hard work.  The ground was unyielding but we persevered.

Early on in our quest, it looked like this:

But we ploughed on (pun intended) and by the end of the day, we had this:

I understand kind reader, that you may be horrified by what seems like very little work done indeed, but it was no mean feat I can tell you.  Thus far, we have cleared a patch and marked it out.  Our next step is to build up the sides and start adding dirt.  I feel like I should line the base with newspaper or something?  But to be perfectly honest, I have barely any knowledge at all of planting a veggie patch and yet, I will not be deterred.  I’m anticipating a lush patch of fabulousness, a place I can meander to basket in hand and pluck fresh ripe produce for that evening’s meal.

That is the beauty of a new start.  Everything feels just a tad adventurous and my motto is becoming “well, why not?”  Watch this space, I intend to blatantly show off anything and everything edible emerging from my garden!