CAME HOME FROM work to carnarge!  Dog had brutally torn camellia cutting from it’s pot and had strewn it across the back porch.  It had been carefully placed under the eaves in order to protect it from the morning frost, but I had not thought to protect it from the dog who apparently thought it was some sort of toy I had placed there for her amusement.  The one and only flower had been ripped directly off the stalk, said stalk is no where to be seen, but there was a pathetic little stick thing nearby.

The dog was immediately chastised and looked briefly confused, then even more briefly ashamed, then went about the evening ritual of behaving as though she has never been fed.

Stuck what little of the stalk (stick thing) I could find back in the pot, and now I’m hoping for the best.  I realise I may have to put rather a bit more work into it than this but am feeling somewhat disheartened by the massacre that took place whilst I toiled away at work.

I will be heading to the garden centre as soon as humanly possible to purchase root (or rooting) powder in the hope of saving my cuttings!  Dog will be banished to the aptly named dog house to think about what she has done.