I AM NOT a gardener.  Never have been.  But something has happened to me since moving to the mountains… I want a lovely garden!  I’m sure it’s something to do with finally having my own patch to play with, but I am finding myself drawn to growing pretty things outside which will give me the opportunity to put pretty things in vases inside.

I did not grow the above Camellia but I sure do want to.  I have one bush out the front which is beginning to show some colour and let me tell you, I’m pretty excited about it.  So keen am I to fill my garden with these gorgeous flowers that I obtained some cuttings of a white and a pink camellia recently and I am determined to grow them into lush colourful bushes.  Now when I say obtained, I mean there is a house we walk past when out strolling which had an abundance of branches hanging over the fence, which I took to mean they were to share with passers by.  So I helped myself.  Honestly, they were huge, you couldn’t even notice I had taken one tiny little pice and I like to think the owner can feel warm in the knowledge that he/she is sharing the love, camellia style.

Anyway, I’ve had my cuttings in a jar of water for a week and I’m about to plant them.  I know not what I am doing.  A website I consulted stated that to grow from seeds they can take up to six years.  Six years!! I then consulted my mother, an avid gardener who confirmed this to be true.  Growing from a cutting is supposed to be somewhat less taxing but one must put the cutting in dirt and hope it will root, as in, roots will form.. hopefully.

So here I go on yet another mountain adventure.  I first started looking to move here in the Spring of last year and the gardens were so spectacular, so full of amazing colour that it took my breath away.  I am hoping for the same effect in Chez Shaw this coming Spring.

As I mentioned, I am new to this and really have no idea what I’m doing so any helpful green finger type tips will be gratefully received.