I realise I’m a little late to the game being that it’s half way through January and all, but a word if I may, on New Year’s Resolutions.  I don’t make them.  I used to.  Every year.  They generally involved something similar to everyone else, lose weight, drink less, and so on.  I usually started on the second of January.  Obviously I couldn’t start on the first due to being too hungover/full of food from the celebrations the night before.  Inevitably these resolutions were broken, usually by Australia Day due to there being some sort of drinking and eating type function in honour of having another public holiday so close to Christmas.

A few years ago I decided once and for all that resolutions are pointless and just another way of letting yourself down.  I wanted to stop putting this enormous pressure on myself to make huge changes in my life, which couldn’t be maintained and ended up making me feel like a failure.  Then I’d do that thing where you say “ well I’ve messed it up, I may as well starting drinking/eating/smoking again.  Hand me that case of wine would you”.   Instead I decided that in January, when we are given a fresh start, I would choose something that could be applied in lots of areas of my life.

One year I chose to be brave.  This gave me the strength to try for a new job (which I got), end toxic friendships (which was painful but got better fast) and to finally say no to my ex-husband’s constant demands.  Last year I chose to wait.  Wait before I jumped into a conversation.  Wait before I agreed to requests that asked way too much of me.  Wait before hurrying my children along when they were telling me a story, just because I needed to do some household chore.  This year, I’ve chosen to live my life differently.  Now obviously my life is already on a different track because I’ve moved to a completely new area, and I’ve got a new house to play in which is mine and therefore I can do what I want with it.  But I want to take it further than that and the beauty of doing things in this generalist kind of way, rather than setting myself one task (I WILL do 100 sit ups every day) means that I can build up over time, I can apply it where I want to and I don’t let myself down and give up before February!

So far the different things I have done have involved doing more baking so that there are healthy snacks in the cupboard, going for a walk every day, turning on the television less.  They aren’t huge things and they probably don’t seem like that big a deal to anyone else but I like that I’m doing something with the fresh start which comes every year, just after Christmas whether I want it to or not..