On my third night in my new house, in my new mountains surroundings, it occurred to me that if I were a “real” writer, I would probably have already begun documenting the move by now.  But then it occurred to me that next to death and divorce, moving house is the next most stressful life event and I decided to catch up on some sleep instead!

After many years as a dedicated city girl, also dedicated to bringing my children up as city girls, I decided it was time for a change.  Quite a change if you listen to the locals around here.  Although I am approximately one hour’s drive from the city (at least in off peak time), many of the very friendly people here in the mountains are stunned when I tell them I moved here from the inner west.

So far so good.  Despite the discovery of a resident blue tongue lizard and the local cats putting my moggy firmly in her place, I think we are going to like it here.

I hope there will be some of you out there who want to follow along with this new chapter.  Advice on mountain living gratefully received.